About Us


What is Yummy Tummy?

Here at Yummy Tummy we want to bring some of the greatest tastes from around America right to your door. We are a platform for your favorite local restaurant to be able to ship their unique creations across the country. Our goal is not only to satisfy our customers, but also the businesses who have partnered with Yummy Tummy. We at Yummy Tummy stand by each product that is shipped out and hold ourselves and those partnered with us to a high standard. 


Our Mission: 

At Yummy Tummy, our goal is to connect people to memories, family, and home with the unforgettable tastes from your favorite restaurants across the nation. All while supporting our partners goals of growth and customer satisfaction.



We understand the importance of giving back to the communities around us that need it most. We are able to do just that though Steph and Ayesha Curry's Eat.Learn.Play. foundation. The focus of the foundation is on three vital pillars of a healthy childhood: nutrition, education, and physical activity. Eat.Learn.Play's. investments meet kids where they are most often - in school, at home, and in their neighborhood. Proceeds from our sales will help benefit Eat.Learn.Play., and provide children in need the resources they need to grow!


Meet the Businesses:

Montgomery Inn

Our Story
Ted and Matula Gregory opened Montgomery Inn in 1951 as a gathering place for friends and family. Word of Matula’s incredible ribs and barbecue sauce quickly spread, and before long the restaurant was crowned The Ribs King. Since then, it’s expanded to four locations where U.S. presidents, locals and visiting celebrities alike have come to dine on the world-famous ribs and secret-recipe sauce. Today, it’s still family owned, and it’s still The Ribs King.

About Our Food
One taste and you’ll know why Montgomery Inn has fans from coast to coast. Every slab of the hand-trimmed, slow-roasted ribs must pass 12 quality checkpoints or they don’t make it to the table. Our ribs are world famous, and so is our barbecue sauce, which is made from a secret family recipe with only the finest fresh tomatoes and all-natural spices. And that’s not all.  Montgomery Inn also serves (and ships!) its signature pulled meats, roasted chicken, specially ground burgers and extra-thick pork chops. It rules. Montgomery Inn is, after all, The Ribs King.



Our Story
In 1949, a young man from a small Greek village, Nicholas Lambrinides, opened his first restaurant overlooking the Cincinnati skyline. Since then, Skyline Chili's Coneys and Ways have been enjoyed by generations of Cincinnatians who love the delicious food and a dining experience like no other. Today, Skyline Chili is still made from Nicholas's original recipe and his secret blend of unique spices that makes it a local and regional obsession.

About Our Food
There's nothing like it. Skyline's original, secret-recipe chili is traditionally served over a hot dog in a bun and topped with cheese (a Cheese Coney) or poured over steamed spaghetti with cheese (a 3-Way). Orders at the restaurant always come with oyster crackers, which locals like to dab with hot sauce to make "cracker bombs." Skyline Chili is synonymous with Cincinnati-style chili, but you don't have to live near a Skyline restaurant to enjoy it, because you can get it shipped anywhere in the country. Feeling Good, It's Skyline Time.



Our Story
Graeter’s began more than 145 years ago when Louis Graeter moved to Cincinnati to sell ice cream at neighborhood markets. His passion for creating the finest French Pot ice cream still exists today with the fourth generation of the Graeter family - Bob, Chip and Rich - leading the Cincinnati icon. Using the same French Pot freezers, they handcraft ice cream in 2.5-gallon batches and hand pack it into pint containers - continuing Graeter’s addictive Cincinnati tradition.

About Our Food
One batch at a time, with only the finest ingredients and huge chocolate chunks, is the secret behind our handcrafted ice creams. This means that you won’t find any fake syrups, sweeteners or artificial coloring. Our cream is sourced from local cows and is free of artificial growth hormones. Don’t forget the famous huge chocolate hunks found in our signature chip ice creams! We take Peter's® Chocolate, melt it, pour it into French pots along with our ice cream, and then, using a paddle, chop it into our notoriously delicious chip-chunks.


Glier's Goetta

It all started in 1946, when Robert Glier first made goetta at his butcher shop in Covington, Kentucky, across the river from Cincinnati. Pronounced “get-uh,” this German breakfast sausage blends the textures and flavors of pork, beef, fresh onions, spices, and steel-cut oats. It’s unlike any other breakfast sausage, and with over one million pounds slow-cooked each year, Glier’s is the world’s best-selling goetta.



Our Story
When Buddy LaRosa opened his first neighborhood pizzeria on Cincinnati’s west side in 1954, his Sicilian-born father told him he was crazy. He went ahead with his plan anyway. Turns out, Dad was wrong! More than 60 years after serving its first guest, LaRosa's is the #1 pizza in Cincinnati. All because thousands of guests agree that LaRosa’s famous family recipe pizza and other Italian favorites just can’t be beat.

About Our Food
LaRosa's goes beyond delicious pizza with our signature spaghetti sauce, famous recipe Creamy Garlic and Italian Salad Dressings and Hoagys that keep our customers coming back for more. All created from treasured family recipes, their unique flavor and quality is what makes LaRosa's a regional obsession. The best part? If you’re nowhere near a LaRosa's restaurant or outside our delivery area, you can have the LaRosa's experience at home with our sauces, dressings, pizzas and Hoagy kits delivered right to your door!


Queen City Sausage

Elmer Hensler founded Queen City Sausage not far from the banks of the Ohio River in 1965. Now it’s the Cincinnati region’s best-selling craft sausage, with legions of loyal fans. The business has expanded 10 times, but the original German recipes for brats and metts remain the same. No fillers, no shortcuts, just the very best sausages made fresh from the finest ingredients, one small batch at a time.