BonBonerie Bakery


At BonBonerie, our rule is that everything we make must be two things: beautiful and delicious. That means using quality ingredients like sweet cream butter, cane sugar, fresh lemon juice and zest, Belgian chocolate, and real vanilla from Madagascar. We create everything by hand in the BonBonerie kitchens, including all our doughs, icings, syrups, batters, and fillings. Each of our original recipes have been reworked and refined over years to create pastry that is unique, perfected, and delicious. Our extremely talented staff of bakers and decorators can customize almost anything for your special event. From astonishing cake centerpieces to hand-cut cookies, everything is crafted with the utmost care by true artists in their field. We are proud to be your award-winning choice for all pastries Beautiful and Delicious since 1983.